Group History


Shandong Mingliu Industrial Group, formerly known as "Huancui District Submersible Electric Pump Factory", was founded by Chairman Zhou Benliu in 1988 and moved to Weihai Third Middle School in 1993. At the beginning of establishment, the company mainly produced pump parts, and started to produce submersible pumps in 1992.

In 1994, the company acquired 12 acres of land in front of Ludong Village and Zhongyang Village in Yangting Town, and built a 4,000 square meters workshop, and moved to the new workshop in front of Zhongyang Village on January 1, 1996.

On November 20, 1998, Weihai Submersible Electric Pump Factory was merged. Weihai Submersible Electric Pump Factory, formerly known as Weihai Agricultural Machinery Repair Factory, was established in 1958 and started to produce submersible pumps since 1972.

In 1999, the company was restructured to become Weihai Submersible Electric Pump Chang (Co., Ltd.).

In June 2001, the company acquired all the shares of Weihai Dongfang Pump Co., Ltd. and in October of the same year, the company bid to merge Weihai Dongfang Supporting Industry Company and Weihai Machinery Blade Factory (Weihai Sharpening Tool Factory).

In 2002, after the reorganization of assets, Shandong Mingliu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was established, mainly in the field of pump production, and at the same time ventured into the field of real estate development and environmental protection equipment. Ltd. and Beijing Mingliu Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Technology Co.

Mingliu Pump Industry

In 2002, the company obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management system and environmental management system certification. In the same year, the company became a member of National Agricultural Machinery Standardization Technical Committee and vice chairman of National Agricultural Machinery Association Irrigation and Drainage Branch. We have participated in drafting national standards such as "Non-clogging Pump", "Submersible Electric Pump for Sewage and Dirt" and "Small Submersible Electric Pump". The standard of "Non-clogging Pump" won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Machinery Industry.

In 2004, the company successively acquired Hardware Factory in Huancui District, and Willida Home Appliance Industry Company (Weihai Electric Freezer Factory); in 2005, the company acquired the used goods market under Weihai Supply and Marketing Trading Company. In the same year, in order to adapt to the company's expanding business development, it has reclaimed and acquired 760 mu of land to prepare for the construction of Mingliu Industrial Park.

On January 1, 2008, Mingliu Industrial Park was completed, and the whole group company completed the relocation and was officially settled in the park.

In 2009, the company became the first-class supplier of China Petroleum materials.

In September 2010, the company was recognized as Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center.

In 2012, the company was recognized as a famous trademark of Shandong Province for the trademark of "Qianliu" brand of pumps.

In October 2014, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province.

In July 2014, the company acquired Shandong Asia Pacific Lixin Petroleum Equipment Co.

After years of reform and development, the company now has a national B-class test station, which can carry out test and inspection of large flow and large-diameter pumps. It has introduced the research and design production management software system of Tsinghua University and Jiangsu University for water conservancy and electrical machinery, and implemented ERP management, and initially formed a technology system with independent intellectual property rights as the core. At the same time, the company cooperates with Harbin Institute of Technology, China University of Petroleum and other colleges and universities, and establishes internship and training bases for production, learning and research, forming a pattern of designing, producing and selling all kinds of pumps, water accumulation equipment, sewage treatment equipment, pump control equipment, pump control cabinet and other series of products, with excellent product appearance and quality, and nearly twenty patented technologies.

Meal Service

Since 2007, the company has cooperated with GAIA Institute of Korea, Kyoto University of Japan, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and General Logistics Department of Chinese People's Liberation Army to develop "Meiliu" kitchen waste treatment equipment and strains suitable for the characteristics of China and the military kitchen waste; cooperated with Shandong Agricultural University to develop In cooperation with Shandong Agricultural University, we have developed the technology of environmental insect overbelly transformation to realize the harmless treatment and resource utilization of kitchen waste. At present, the product has passed the national expert appraisal: the product technology route is scientific and excellent, and 15 invention and utility model patents have been approved.

Mingliu Real Estate

Since 2002, Mingliu Real Estate Company has been developing rapidly.

In 2004, we developed "Mingliu Garden" A area.

In 2006, we developed "Mingliu Garden" Area B.

In 2008, Mingliu Industrial Park was completed.

In 2012, we developed "Mingliu Home" living area.

In 2013, we developed "Mingliu Coastal Villas", a high-class community.

In 2016, the new factory of Mingliu was completed.