Embracing the new inflection point of development


The Group held the 2020 Annual Work Summary Commendation Conference to meet the new inflection point of development

On February 4, Celebrity Industrial Group held the 2020 Annual Work Summary Commendation Conference to review the extraordinary road of development in the past year, deploy the work plan for the new year, continue to build on the past, seize new opportunities and meet new challenges.


The meeting was opened with the singing of the national anthem, followed by the commendation of individuals and groups for their excellent performance in 2020.


Twenty-five people won the Staff Award, five people won the Model Pioneer Award, five people won the Team Leader Award, and three teams won the Team Award. The representatives of the winners made speeches on stage, and the meeting called on all employees to learn from these models.


After the recognition link, Zhou Benliu, chairman of Meiliu Industrial Group, delivered a speech. He pointed out in his speech that the year 2020 was extremely difficult and extraordinary for Mingliu, the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic disrupted the annual work plan, and many projects were pressed the pause button, however, with the joint efforts of all colleagues in the company, the group achieved the annual sales revenue and 2019 year is basically the same, scientific and technological innovation achievements, the annual submission, more than ten approved patents, continue to lead Revision of national standards and industry and standards, meal service project research and development and technology iterations continue to make breakthroughs, in the domestic kitchen waste equipment research and development field has been in the concept and technology double-leading situation, demonstration project evaluation achieved good results.


Zhou Benliu stressed that in 2020, several major businesses of the Group had both breakthroughs and declines, and although the achievements were not easy to come by, there were persistent problems such as weak implementation of market development plans, lagging enterprise management system construction, unsatisfactory R&D efficiency, and quality control to be improved. In the new year, the Group's firm confidence in transforming and developing and upgrading the industry has not changed, and the heavy responsibility of devoting to the cause of environmental protection in the motherland and building the glory of Mingliu is still on our shoulders. All employees should establish a sense of the overall situation, firmly innovate and transform development ideas, make every effort to do a good job in the landing of the demonstration projects at the meal, and do a good job in all aspects of talent, technology, sales and after-sales protection; continuously promote technological innovation, increase the construction of intellectual property systems Strength; strengthen enterprise management, improve organizational structure, establish talent introduction and training mechanism, improve safety production awareness; broaden sales channels, integrate publicity channels, and vigorously promote the construction of corporate culture. Zhou Benliu finally pointed out that all colleagues of the company should carry forward the corporate values of "customer-centered, environmentally friendly, long-term hard work", fulfill the corporate mission of "greening the motherland, protecting the earth, saving resources, and benefiting mankind", and behead the thorns and forge ahead. To meet the new inflection point of development.