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2023/06/27 14:02

The company has a customer service department (24-hour hotline: 0631-5767666 13181886580), which is the management core of the company's after-sales service system, with more than 30 senior and middle-level maintenance personnel, five senior technical personnel and three full-time clerks, responsible for the management of subordinate service departments and technical support for subordinate service departments. After the delivery of the products, we can provide users with the necessary technical information and drawings in a timely manner, and provide installation, commissioning guidance and free technical training according to the needs of the construction progress.

Our company has set up 8 service centres for CNPC in Daqing, Lanzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang, Changchun and Jinzhou (each centre has 5~8 service personnel and 2~3 after-sales service vehicles) and more than 50 service outlets (each outlet has 2~4 service personnel), which are responsible for specific services to customers. A national and complete after-sales service system has been formed.

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