Mingliu Industrial Group Co.,Ltd was named "Gazelle Enterprise" of Shandong Province in 2022


Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province released the public list of "gazelle" and "unicorn" enterprises in Shandong Province in 2022. 580 enterprises, including Mingliu Environmental Technology Co.


"Gazelle enterprises" refers to small and medium-sized enterprises that have crossed the valley of death after starting a business and have entered a high growth period with the support of technological innovation or business model innovation. The scope of the accreditation is mainly in the field of industry in line with the development direction of strategic emerging industries in China and the province, covering new industries, new generation of information technology (including big data, Internet of Things and cloud computing, Internet), bio-health, artificial intelligence, financial technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, consumer upgrading and other fields. 2022 Gazelle Enterprise Review Approved Enterprises (Weihai)

Weihai Hantai Hemp Fiber Technology Co.

Weihai Aowen Electromechanical Technology Co.

Shandong Mingchuan Automobile Group Co.

Shandong Langkab Energy Technology Co.

Weihai Atech Electronic Technology Co.

Shandong Zhongqing Intelligent Technology Co.

Mingliu Environmental Technology Co.

Weihai Haifei Yacht Co.

Black System Intelligent Equipment (Weihai) Co.

Weihai Berlin Shengkang Air Oxygen Technology Co.

Runhui Biotechnology (Weihai) Co.

Shandong Weigao Puri Pharmaceutical Packaging Co.

Yushan Dayang Silicone Co.

Weihai Hengrui New Packaging Material Co.

2022 Unicorn Enterprise Review Approved Enterprises (Weihai)

Shandong Weigao Blood Purification Products Co.

Mingliu Environmental Technology Co.


Ltd. is a subsidiary of Meiliu Group, which is engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and operation of food waste/kitchen, sludge/manure treatment equipment. The company has developed the technology and eight operating systems that break through the six major problems in the world, and has special food waste/kitchen, sludge/manure treatment vehicles and treatment equipment that exceed those of Japan, and explored the operation mode suitable for China.

Ltd. is the only drafting enterprise unit and revision unit of China's food waste standards and industry standards (GB/T28739-2012, B/T12342-2015), and was awarded as "High and New Technology Enterprise" in 2015 and "China Recycling Economy Association Technology and Technology Award" in 2019. "China Recycling Economy Association Technology Award" in 2019, "Shandong Province, the first set of technical equipment and key core components production enterprises" in 2020, 2021 was named "special In 2021, it was awarded as "Specialized and New" enterprise in Shandong Province, and in 2022, it was awarded as "Gazelle Enterprise" in Shandong Province, and it is the first unit of local resource treatment of kitchen waste, and its products are now widely used in the projects of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the General Administration of Taxation, the General Administration of Security, the General Administration of Sports and provincial governments, and exported to overseas markets.