Zhang Gang, Party Secretary of Huancui District, Weihai City, visited Mingliu Group for research and guidance



Chairman Zhou Benliu of Mingliu Group gave a live explanation for Secretary Zhang Gang Recently, District Party Secretary Zhang Gang visited some important enterprises to carry out research and asked relevant departments and enterprises to further implement the spirit of the national TV and telephone conference on stabilizing the economy and the city's Entrepreneur Day Conference, maintain strategic determination, enhance confidence in development, make every effort to hit new targets and achieve new results, and make greater contributions to the city's quality improvement and economic and social development. Make greater contributions to the city quality improvement and economic and social development. District leaders Liu Yongsheng, Zheng Lei, Cui Junqiang participated in the research.

Ltd. Zhang just listened to a detailed report on the development of enterprises, and on the difficulties encountered in the process of enterprise operation to carry out in-depth exchanges, one by one to coordinate solutions. During the exchange, Zhang Gang expressed his heartfelt thanks to the enterprises for their outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Huancui District over the years. He said that in recent times, the province and the city have made a series of major deployments to stabilize the economy and promote growth, releasing a strong signal to stabilize the economy, stabilize market expectations and stabilize development confidence, which provides an important guideline for us to do a good job in the next economic work. The enterprises should make every effort to accelerate the pace of production under the premise of coordinating the prevention and control of the epidemic and safety production, and strive to catch up with the production progress delayed by the epidemic; to enhance the ability of independent innovation, the main industry to do strong, refined products, features to do well, by improving the competitiveness of enterprises to win greater development space; to strictly implement the main responsibility for safety production, strict regulation of the operating process, and resolutely do not occur in all kinds of safety production accidents.


Zhang Gang stressed that all relevant departments should actively lean forward and take the initiative to serve, solve the difficult and blocking problems encountered in the development of enterprises with heart and soul, and help enterprises grow bigger and stronger; to implement all kinds of preferential policies, strengthen policy propaganda and guidance, provide more effective policy guidance for enterprise development, continuously enhance the confidence of enterprise development, and continuously optimize the business environment in our area.