Mingliu Group: Meal service machinery into a new engine of transformation and development


The establishment of Meal Service Company of Mingliu is the result of the initiative of Mingliu Group to participate in the market competition for many years. At that time, Mingliu Group, as a water pump manufacturer, had a remarkable position in the industry. However, Zhou Benliu believed that the water pump market was becoming increasingly competitive and the company had to seek transformation. "At that time, I realized that this would not only set off a green revolution of domestic kitchen waste treatment, but also be a big test of transformation and upgrading of our group." Zhou Benliu said that more than a decade ago, a chance, he came into contact with the food waste treatment of this environmental protection industry, and has a strong interest in it. For kitchen waste, most countries take a centralized approach to treatment, but still can not solve the secondary pollution and other problems. How to turn kitchen waste into a usable resource has become a major issue around the world. By cooperating with Korea GAIA Institute, Japan Kyoto University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other institutions, the company has developed a food waste recycling machine with more than ten patents and a model of local generation and local treatment.


Now, with the successful development of the sixth generation of kitchen waste disposal machine, the "green dream" of Mingliu Group has achieved a new breakthrough - this kitchen waste disposal machine with excellent design concept and technical route has been exported to Japan, Korea and other markets, and is also widely used in many hotels, restaurants, schools and institutional canteens. It is also widely used in many hotels, restaurants, schools and institutional canteens. With Meal Service, Meiliu Group has successfully realized the transformation and upgrading.