Mingliu Group - Moving into the environmental field


From a member of the National Standard Committee for the development of small pumps, to a member of the Council of the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Society of the Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Society; from a first-class supplier of Chinese oil, to the first unit in China to draft and adopt the standard for waste food recycling equipment ...... For the past forty years, Shandong Mingliu Industrial Group, which started as a pump, has continued to forge ahead and Now it has developed into a group of companies integrating water pumps, food service, petroleum equipment and real estate development. The forty years' development course is not only the course of continuous development and growth of Mingliu Group, but also the course of transformation and leap of Mingliu Group.

The leap from a small enterprise to a large group

When mentioning Mingliu Group, everyone will associate it with its founder - Zhou Benliu.

Since 1988, the business of Yangting Submersible Pump Factory, a town-run enterprise, was declining, and in 1991, Zhou Benliu, like many workers, became a laid-off employee of the factory. But laid off at home, Zhou Benliu did not give up the pump industry, but took on foreign debt to open a pump factory of their own. Good at observation and learning, he found that some "hard" in the pump is not unchangeable, just no one is willing to keep trying.

So, Zhou Benliu, who did not come from a technical class, began to study the water pump by soaking in the workshop, sometimes for a whole day. Finally, Zhou Benliu invented the round bar cold-drawn square key and plastic impeller, replacing the traditional pig iron impeller. These two technologies generated more than 300,000 yuan of profit for his factory. With the success of the first battle, Zhou Benliu put more energy on pump technology innovation, pushing the factory to develop and grow step by step, and gradually merged six companies, such as Yangting Submersible Pump Factory and Oriental Pump Co.

A series of initiatives to build research institutes, set up test bases and recruit talents for the research and development of energy-saving pumps have enabled Mingliu Group to continuously improve its technical level and obtain 11 invention patents, and the company's pump products cover 9 major items such as clear water pumps, submersible pumps and sewage pumps with more than 2000 specifications. Over the past 40 years, Benliu Zhou has led Meiliu Group to climb over one peak after another, and has continuously secured its position as an industry leader.

In December 2008, the standard of non-clogging pump drafted by Zhou Benliu won the second prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award; in 2009, he was awarded the honorary title of "Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Innovation Leader" and "Green Weihai Person of the Year"; in 2010, he was elected as the national agricultural machinery standardization leader. In 2010, he was elected as a member of the National Agricultural Machinery Standardization Technical Committee; in 2013, he was elected as the "Weihai Economic Personality of the Year" ......

Creating the "Celebrity Model" of waste treatment

However, the Mingliu Group, which has been seeking for new ideas and changes, is not satisfied with the performance of the traditional industry. Zhou Benliu believes that the pump market is becoming more and more competitive, the enterprise must seek transformation. "At that time I realized that this will not only set off a green revolution of domestic kitchen waste treatment, but also a big test of transformation and upgrading of our group." Zhou Benliu said that their enterprise has invested more than 20 million yuan since 2002 to develop and explore kitchen waste treatment equipment and meal service operation programs. As a result, Shandong Meal Service Equipment Co.

The ultimate goal of food waste treatment is to achieve harmless treatment and resource utilization, which is a worldwide problem. In fact, as early as 2002 to 2008, Meiliu meal service has been to Japan to produce food waste treatment equipment, on this basis, through digestion and absorption of foreign technology, the enterprise developed equipment suitable for the characteristics of the Chinese market, and to explore a new model of kitchen waste harmless treatment. Through a green revolution of kitchen waste treatment, Mingliu Group has realized the transformation and upgrading of Mingliu Group.

During the past ten years, Meiliu has moved from OEM production to a road of independent R&D and innovation, and its products are widely used in Chinese army canteens, hotels, restaurants, schools and institutional canteens, and it has participated in the "Green Military Camp" project. The product was finalized through expert appraisal. Starting from this year, the Meal Service Department of the famous flow for the troops above the battalion barracks canteen equipped with 300kg / day kitchen waste processing machine.

Zhou Benliu introduced that in the second half of this year, the Meal Service Department is ready to cooperate with the Urban and Rural Construction Commission to develop the Weihai City Kitchen Waste Harmless Treatment and Resource Utilization Project, which has been piloted in Tashan Hotel and Huancui District Government Canteen respectively, and the indicators are running well. 2015 to 2016, the Meal Service Department will promote the "Meal Service Department Model" in Weihai to achieve the goal of achieving the "Meal Service Department Model" in Weihai City. From 2015 to 2016, we will promote the "Celebrity Meal Service Model" in Weihai to realize the harmless treatment and resource utilization of kitchen waste in Weihai City.

"A clean and beautiful environment is Weihai's city card, and we hope to take Weihai as a pilot city to create a model city for kitchen waste treatment, and build the 'Celebrity Meal Service Model' into the 'Weihai Model', and then push it to the whole country, and eventually become a model for food waste treatment. Then we will push it to the whole country and eventually become the 'China model'." Zhou Benliu said.