Local disposal of food waste

Suitable for local disposal in public institutions such as government, authorities, schools, military, state-owned enterprises, hotels and restaurants

Centralised food waste disposal close to home

Integrated solutions

Equipment suitable for use by:

Ministry of Housing and Construction, the provincial housing and construction departments and municipalities, local governments (secretary, mayor/sub-mayor, county mayor/sub-mayor), the Housing and Urban Development Bureau, the Urban Management Bureau under the management of hotels, restaurants, communities, the need to build kitchen on site, near the relative concentration of treatment stations, counties and towns centralized treatment plant (station) units.

Commonly used equipment models:

Commonly used equipment model: Mingliu Environment 5G intelligent cloud-controlled food waste treatment equipment CG1/2/3/5/10/20T/D.

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The station is built using a combination of Mingliu Environment's medium-sized food waste treatment equipment, small collection and transportation vehicles or medium-sized sorting and collection vehicles to collect and transport food waste from the surrounding area for harmless treatment and resource utilization.
Solutions near you
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