Local disposal of food waste

Suitable for local disposal in public institutions such as government, authorities, schools, military, state-owned enterprises, hotels and restaurants

Food waste treatment plants/stations

Integrated solutions

Equipment suitable for use by:

Cities, localities, counties (secretary, mayor/sub-mayor, county mayor/sub-county mayor), URAs, city authorities, sanitation companies or city investment companies under the Ministry of Housing and Construction, provincial housing and construction departments, local governments that need to build centralised food and beverage treatment plants.

Combined plant construction model:

Commonly used equipment models: Mingliu Environment 5G intelligent cloud-controlled food waste treatment equipment CG10/20/30/50T, food waste collection and sorting truck CYF5/8T.

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The plant is built using a combination of large food waste treatment equipment and sorting and collection vehicles from Mingliu Environment, and is collected and transported to the site for centralised and harmless treatment and resourceful use.
Solutions near you
Shayang, Hubei
Yuan'an, Hubei
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